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Configuring a Table widget

A Table widget displays a portion of Alloy Navigator data. This widget allows users to view important data (for example, overdue Incidents) on the dashboard and easily open the details of any Alloy Navigator object this widget contains.

You specify properties of a new Table widget or modify properties of an existing widget of this type using the Table Widget Properties window.

NOTE: For details on initial steps of widget creation or modification, see Creating widgets or Modifying widgets.

Table Widget Properties window

The Widget tab of this window contains the following fields and controls:

General section - specifies general properties of the widget:

Name - the "internal" name of the widget, which identifies it in widget lists.

Title - the widget title, which will be actually displayed in dashboards

Allow to minimize widget - specifies whether users can minimize this widget.

Hide widget when data is not available - specifies whether the widget will be hidden when there is no data to display in it.

Table Data section - specifies what content will fill the table and how it will be filtered or highlighted:

Class - allows you to select the object class whose records you want to display within the table. For example, select Incident if you want to display Incidents within the table.

Fields - displays fields of the selected object class whose values will be displayed in columns of the table.

Customize button - opens the Customize Table window that allows you to modify fields selected as table columns, manage the sort order of table records, and specify filtering and formatting conditions for them.

Preview button - opens the Widget Preview window, which displays the table filled with data from Alloy Navigator database according to the specified settings.

Display Properties section - specifies the number of records to display in the table and the table height:

Limit the number of records to check box and value - limits the number of table records to display and specifies the limit. When the number of records exceeds the limit (N), the table will display only the first N of them. The sort order of table records is specified when customizing table in the Customize Table window.

Table Height - the table height in pixels.

The Dashboards tab of the Table Widget Properties window allows you to view the list of dashboards where the widget is used. For details, see Viewing dashboards where a widget is used.