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Modifying widgets

To modify a widget:

  1. In the General > Dashboard Management > Widgets section, open the [Widget Type] subsection corresponding to the necessary type of widget.

  2. NOTE: Alternatively, you can open a widget for modifying from the Dashboard Designer window during dashboard creation or modification. To do this, right-click the widget in the list on the left side of the Dashboard Designer window and choose Open Widget from the pop-up menu.

  3. Double-click the widget you want to modify. The [Widget Type] Widget Properties window opens.

NOTE: The set of fields displayed within the [Widget Type] Widget Properties window depends on the type of widget. For details, see Widget types.

  1. On the Widget tab, modify widget properties.

  2. If necessary, view which dashboards use this widget. To do this, go to the Dashboards tab of the [Widget Type] Widget Properties window. To open properties of a particular dashboard from the list, double-click it or select it and click Open.

  3. Click OK.

After modification, a widget will be changed in all dashboards where it is used.

TIP: If you want to modify a widget in a particular dashboard only and leave it as is in other dashboards, you can create a copy of the widget, modify it as needed, and then modify the dashboard by replacing the target widget with its modified copy.