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Hiding Incident categories from Self Service Portal customers

By default, all Incident categories are visible to Self Service Portal (SSP) customers so that they can select any item from the Category drop-down list while submitting or updating Tickets. You may want to hide some categories from SSP customers. Such Incident categories are referred to as “internal” because — unlike public categories — they are intended for internal use by technicians only.

To hide Incident categories from SSP customers:

  1. Go to Workflow and Business Logic > Service Desk > Incidents > Classification > Categories.

  2. Select one or more categories to hide, right-click the selected area, and choose Mark as Internal from the pop-up menu.

NOTE: Hiding a parent category does not automatically hide its children. You should select each subcategory individually to hide them as well.

TIP: You can “publish” internal categories by selecting Mark as Public from the pop-up menu.