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Updating Activity fields

The majority of Alloy Navigator objects such as Incidents , Library Items, and Computers have an Activity Log, where all changes that happened to the object are reported. For details, see Activity tab.

If you want your Action, Trigger, or Function to report its execution in the object’s Activity Log, add at least one Update Field operation for any of these Activity field:

  • Activity.Category: The Activity category. Note that each object class has its own list of Activity categories.

  • Activity.Activity; The Activity text. Typically, this Memo field is used as a log entry and workflow items add the same Activity text for all their executions.

  • Activity.Details: The Activity details. Typically, this Memo field is used to store comments added by the user or service when performing the workflow Action. The Desktop App displays these details in blue font.

  • Activity.Time Spent: The time it took the user to complete the specified activity. Typically, interactive Actions prompt the user to specify how much time was spent. Alloy Navigator uses these values for time-tracking purposes.

  • Activity.Published: The flag that defines whether to show the Activity record in the Self Service Portal. This field is available only for Incidents, Reservations, and Service Requests because only their Activities can be visible in the Self Service Portal.

  • IMPORTANT: A workflow item adds an Activity record if its Programming section contains at least one operation that updates an Activity field. Other Activity fields such as NumClosed (the number of the Activity record in the Activity Log) , Created byClosed (contains the Current User system macro) , WF Item #Closed (contains the ID of the Action, Function, or Trigger that added the Activity record , and WF Action #Closed (if the workflow item that added the Activity was triggered by an Action or On Condition Trigger or if the Activity was added by a Function, contains the ID of that initial Action or Trigger) are populated automatically. For additional information on adding Activities, see How-to: How to maintain Activity Log for objects.