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Changing the display order of Actions

By default, Alloy Navigator displays commands for workflow Actions to the user in the order you have created them. However, you can change their display order as needed.

NOTE: For instructions on changing the execution order of Triggers, see Changing the execution order of Triggers.

Command for Actions of different types are available to the user in different locations:

  • Interactive Create Actions - In the Desktop App and the Web App, in the New menu.

  • Interactive Step Actions - In the Desktop App and the Web App, in the Actions menu and the Action Bar.

  • Create Service Actions for Self Service Portal (SSP) - In the Self Service Portal, within a special section on the Home page and in the New Incident menu on the Incidents page.

To change the display order of Actions:

  1. Go to Workflow and Business Logic > [Module] > [Object Class] > Workflow > Actions > [Action Type].

  2. Click Display Order. The Display Order window opens. This window shows all Actions in the order they are displayed to the user. Interactive Actions also shows their icons.

  3. Select an Action and use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change its position. Repeat this step to re-order other Actions as needed.

  4. For Step Actions: If you want to organize Steps in a group, insert a group separator by clicking New Group and entering a group name.

  5. TIP: You can create subgroups.

  6. Click OK.