Mobile App User's Guide

Introducing Alloy Navigator mobile app

Updated in 2021.1

Alloy Navigator mobile app version 2.2

Alloy Navigator is a mobile app for Service Desk technicians that provides access to Alloy Navigator™ ITSM software.

What can the Alloy Navigator mobile app do?

With the Alloy Navigator mobile app, you can stay connected to Alloy Navigator using your mobile device and:

  • Keep critical Alloy Navigator information up-to-date
  • View tasks and requests assigned to you and your team
  • Create work orders from service requests and convert requests into incidents while on-site
  • Trigger approval process
  • Stay updated with announcements of important events
  • Log new requests and issues for walk-up situations
  • Communicate with customers and colleagues on the go
  • Resolve user requests from your mobile phone or tablet
  • Leverage powerful grid views and searching features to get the information you need

INFO: The latest version of the Alloy Navigator mobile app is 2.2. For the list of supported clients, see Installation Guide: Mobile Clients.

Who can use the Alloy Navigator mobile app?

If you have a technician account in Alloy Navigator, you can use the Alloy Navigator mobile app. If you are not sure whether you have a required Alloy Navigator account, please contact your Alloy Navigator administrator.

Before you begin

  • Install the Alloy Navigator mobile app on your iOS or Android mobile device.

  • Obtain sign-in information from your Alloy Navigator administrator:

    • API URL - the address of the Alloy Navigator API module (for example, Ask your Alloy Navigator administrator for that address if you don't have it.

    • Username/ Password - the credentials of your Alloy Navigator technician account. These are the same credentials you use to sign in to the Alloy Navigator Web App.

IMPORTANT: Before you can get started, your Alloy Navigator administrator must install the API module and configure it for Access Token authentication method. If you are an administrator, see Installation Guide: Installing and Configuring the API Module for how to install and configure the API, and Administration Guide: Customizing the Mobile App for additional customization tasks.