Administration Guide

Customizing Alloy Navigator mobile app

Updated in 2022.1

Alloy Navigator is a mobile application that helps technicians stay connected to Alloy Navigator from everywhere. Technicians can use the Mobile App for working with Alloy Navigator objects, such as Incidents, Work Orders, and Change Requests, and receiving Announcements. The app is available on Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS mobile devices.

INFO: For information on working with the Mobile App, see Mobile App User's Guide.

Integration Alloy Navigator with Alloy Navigator mobile app requires the following:

  1. The API module is installed and configured for the Access Token authentication.

    INFO: For installation instructions, see Installation Guide: Installing and Configuring the API Module.

  2. Users have Standard or Singe Sign On technician accounts in Alloy Navigator and the Mobile App installed on their Android or iOS mobile devices.

    INFO: For information on enabling LDAP authentication for Mobile App users, see Enabling LDAP Authentication.

This chapter describes several customization tasks that can be performed on your Mobile App.

TIP: You can also customize cascading style sheets (CSS) to control how different Alloy Navigator objects, such as Announcements or Knowledge Base articles, look in the Mobile App. For details, see Customizing Style Sheets.