Installation Guide

Upgrade Alloy Navigator web applications

Updated in 2021.2

Upgrade your Alloy Navigator web applications (the Web App, Self Service Portal, and the API module) on the production web server. The actual steps depend on your pilot environment.

  • Pilot web apps are installed on a separate computer

    Pilot upgrade from version 8 or later required that you installed web applications on a virtual machine or a separate computer, different from the web server (IIS server) hosting your production web applications.

    Now you need to upgrade your existing Alloy Navigator web applications on the production web server. For instructions, see Upgrade Alloy Navigator Enterprise components. This will seamlessly replace your existing web applications with the most latest version.

  • Pilot web applications are installed on your production web server

    For pilot upgrade from version 7 or earlier we recommended that you install the new version of web applications on the web server that currently hosts your production web applications, to a pilot web site, different from your production site (for example, Alloy Navigator Pilot Site).

    This means that your production web server already hosts Alloy Navigator web applications of the most recent version. To seamlessly replace your old installations with the new version, you should reconfigure the new applications to use the existing URLs that your users access. To make the production URLs available, now you should uninstall your old web applications now.

    Before uninstalling, make sure that you know the installation type, site, and virtual directories where your production web applications are installed. If you are not sure, start the Web Configuration tool for the previous version (for example, using the Alloy Control Panel) and review the settings on the Installation Type, the next Web Site, and the Virtual Directory pages. You will need this information later. For details, see Reconfigure updated web applications.

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