Installation Guide

Reconfigure updated web applications

Updated in 2021.2

Once your web applications have been updated, reconfigure them to work with your updated database. The actual steps you need to take depend on the pilot environment you had and the switchover option you chose.

For the Self Service Portal, Web App, and the API module, you will need to check two parameters: the database and the URL.

  • Database

    On the Database page, make sure to specify the name of your updated production database.

    If you chose to flip the databases, it is the name of your old production database. If you chose not to flip the databases, it is the name of your pilot database (that is your production database now).

  • URLs

    On each of the following pages: Installation Type, Web Site, and Virtual Directory, make sure to install the updated web applications to the same locations that their previous version used. This ensures that users can access the updated apps using the same URLs they used in the previous version.

To reconfigure Alloy Navigator web applications, use the Web Configuration tool and follow the on-screen instructions. If needed, refer to the instructions below.

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