Installation Guide

Test your pilot Alloy Navigator database and customize new workflow

Updated in 2021.2

Review and test your pilot Alloy Navigator system that includes data from your production environment and the features from the most recent version.

All data records, such as Assets, Incidents, and Persons, arrive to the pilot database unchanged. Since the workflow customization abilities business logic get enhanced with every version, configuration data gets updated. The scope of change depends on your workflow upgrade option for your pilot database. If you chose to keep your existing workflow, the only changes you will get is the new workflow object classes if the latest version introduces any. If you chose to install the default workflow, you will get the all-new, improved business logic for all object Alloy Navigator classes.

Precautions for pilot environment with production data

To keep your production data safe and sound, Alloy Navigator takes these precautions for the pilot database:

  • The Notification Queue is automatically paused

    In order to prevent unnecessary notifications, the Notification Queue in the pilot Alloy Navigator database is paused. We recommend that you keep the Notification Queue in the pilot database paused for the whole period of pilot testing.

    For details, see Keep the Notification Queue in the pilot database paused.

  • Services are automatically disabled

    In order to prevent data loss in your production system, all services in the pilot Alloy Navigator database are disabled. These services include:

    • Active Directory Import
    • Alloy Discovery Connector
    • Data Archiving
    • Mail Connector
    • Recurrent Ticket Agent
    • Reporting Service

    To fully test your pilot system, you may need to enable some or even all services. Before doing so, configure them to use the pilot data. Make sure that the imported Alloy Discovery Synchronization jobs are redirected to the pilot Alloy Discovery database (see Redirect the Alloy Discovery Synchronization jobs to the pilot Alloy Discovery database) and the Mail Connector is configured to use a test mailbox.

    You should not worry about test records appearing in the pilot database, because the final switchover step will import all production data records again.