How to update the default workflow

Updated in 2021.2

Why to update the default workflow?

The default workflow for the latest release always includes a culmination of all the workflow changes and additions that have been developed since the initial release of Alloy Navigator Enterprise. Unfortunately, many of the features and efficiencies may be absent from your installation because they are not necessarily provided to you when you upgrade your solution. This is because doing so could result in overwriting your existing customized workflow.

However, you can return to the default workflow for your version at any time by following this article which is highly recommended in the following situations:

  • Your workflow is lacking and you would like to start fresh to re-imagine your processes

  • You have had your solution for multiple years and are missing key features you would like to take advantage of

  • You have had multiple administrators for your solution and are unsure about your existing workflow

This article provides you with instructions on how to reset your workflow to the most recent defaults.

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We recommend that you use the Pilot Upgrade feature. Pilot upgrade allows you to review and test the default workflow included with the latest version and build it into your existing environment without affecting your production system or loosing your existing workflow customizations. Once you get the workflow that suits you perfectly, you can move it to production.

  1. Optional: Update your production database to the latest version using the Production Upgrade scenario.

    INFO: For instructions, see Settings and Tools Help: Performing production upgrade.

  2. Create a pilot database and import the default workflow.

    INFO: For instructions, see Settings and Tools Help: Performing pilot upgrade.

  3. Test your pilot database and evaluate the new workflow.

  4. Make changes to the workflow in the pilot database as needed.

  5. Once you get the workflow that suits you perfectly, export the workflow as a complete set.

  6. Import this newly modified workflow or the default workflow into your production database.

Applies to

This article applies to this product:

  • Alloy Navigator Enterprise 2021.2 and later