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Performing production upgrade

Introduced in 2021.2

Production upgrade is a direct upgrade scenario. It allows you to upgrade your database to the new version in a single step and go live immediately.

Production upgrade preserves your existing workflow. However, you may not receive improvements and new features coming with the latest version of Alloy Navigator. The only new workflow you will get is the workflow for new object classes if the latest version introduces any.

IMPORTANT: If the database is involved in replication, you should turn replication off before upgrading it. After the database has been successfully upgraded, you can re-configure SQL Server database replication. For details, see your Microsoft SQL Server documentation.

To perform the production upgrade:

  1. Run the Database Management wizard and choose Manage Existing Database on the first Task page.

  2. On the Source Database page, specify the Alloy Navigator database you want to upgrade.

  3. On the Upgrade Scenario page, choose Production Upgrade.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the wizard.