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Upgrading your existing database

Introduced in 2021.2

There are two scenarios for database upgrade.

  • Production upgrade - If you are ready to immediately begin the production use of the latest version, choose the production upgrade. Production upgrade will keep your existing workflow. However, you may not get improvements and new features coming with the latest version of Alloy Navigator.

  • Pilot upgrade - This scenario allows you to preview the new version and try out new features in a test environment and switch your fully configured pilot database to production when you are ready.

    NOTE: The pilot upgrade is available for customers hosting their databases with Microsoft SQL Server.

To upgrade a database, run the Database Management wizard, choose Manage Existing Database on the first Task, and follow the on-screen instructions. You will specify your upgrade scenario on the Upgrade Scenario page.

IMPORTANT: Upgrading a database requires membership in the "sysadmin" fixed server role on the SQL server. These credentials will only be used for upgrading the database and will not be stored.