How to configure auto-prioritization of Tickets

Each time a Ticket is created or updated, Alloy Navigator automatically recalculates its Priority, Response Date, and Due Date fields according to the degree of Ticket importance and the terms of service provided to the requester individually, or to the requester’s organization or group. This automatic prioritization is based on the values specified in the Ticket’s Requster, Service, Urgency, and Impact fields.

Enabling the Show inactive items toggle can be useful if values were previously selected through workflows or chosen when they were still active. While these values become unavailable for selection in drop-down menus once inactive, they may still be used in objects. Priority calculations will include these inactive values, ensuring accurate results regardless of their current status.

You can customize the rules that Alloy Navigator applies to automatically prioritize Tickets (see How to customize auto-prioritization rules below, and How the auto-prioritization works).