Administration Guide

Relate To

The Relate To operation adds a relation between the current object and a target object. The related object appears on the Related Objects tab of the current object’s details window.

To configure how to relate objects:

  1. In the Object Class field, choose a target object class.
  2. Specify the target object in the Object field:
    • To specify an expression that will determine the target object at runtime, click the Expression Builder button and enter a SQL expression or script using the Build Expression dialog box. The expression or script must return the object identifier (such as the Computer ID or Incident Number value).

      NOTE: When the specified SQL expression returns multiple object identifiers, Alloy Navigator uses the first one.

      INFO: For details on using the Expression Builder, see Using the Expression Builder.

    • To specify a static object, click the ellipsis button and use the Select [Object] dialog box.
  3. Select the relation type from the Relationship drop-down list.

    NOTE: You can select only the types which are available for the specified object classes. For information on relationship types, see Configuring Object Relationship.

  4. Keep the Enable operation check box selected. Otherwise, this operation will be ignored.
  5. Click OK.

    NOTE: When the specified relation with the target object already exists, Alloy Navigator skips the Relate To operation in order to avoid duplicates.