Administration Guide

Adding Action Forms

To add a Form, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to Workflow and Business Logic > [Module] > [Object Class] > Workflow > Components > Forms.
  2. Click New. The [ActionFormName] dialog box opens.
  3. By default, the Name field is initialized with ObjectClassActionFormSeqNo(for example, IncidentActionForm00001). You can keep this auto-generated name, or customize it as needed.

  4. Optional: Enter a description.

    NOTE: The specified name and description are used only to identify this workflow component in the Settings; they will not be visible at runtime.

  5. Type a caption of the pop-up dialog box or wizard in the Form Caption field.
  6. To give the user instructions on how to fill out the Form, type it into the Instruction field.

    NOTE: If this Form is used in a Create Action that produces Recurrent Tickets, the specified form caption and instructions will be displayed on the Data tab of the Recurrent [Class of Ticket] dialog box shown when configuring a Recurrent Ticket in the Desktop App. For details, see Help: Managing Recurrent Tickets.

  7. By default, Forms appear as dialog boxes. If you want to display the Form as a wizard, under Window Style, click Wizard.

    INFO: For details on window styles, see Window Style: Dialog Box or Wizard.

  8. Under Fields, specify fields that you want to appear on the Form.

    Add as many fields as needed. If you want to remove a field from the Form, select it and click Delete.

    NOTE: Alternatively, you can first add sections (or wizard pages) to your Form, and then populate them with fields. For details, see Organizing Elements on the Form.

  9. Now you can organize your fields on the Form. Follow the instructions Organizing Elements on the Form.
  10. If you want to check if data was entered correctly, click the Validation tab and configure validation rules. Follow the instructions Configuring Form Validation.
  11. When done, click OK.