Administration Guide

Adding Work Calendars

Before you add a work calendar, make sure that you have defined working and non-working time configurations.

INFO: For details, see Defining Regular Working and Non-Working Hours.

To create a new work calendar, follow these steps:

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to General > Work Calendars.
  2. Under Calendars, click New. The New Calendar wizard starts, and the Working Hours page opens.
  3. Select the working time configuration for each day of the week from the drop-down lists. Click Next. The Exception Lists page opens.
  4. Specify holidays and other exceptions for the calendar. You have two options: apply an existing Exception List on this page or skip this page and create a list of custom exceptions that will apply only to this calendar. However, you can combine both of these options, i.e. apply an Exception List and add a number of custom exceptions that will supplement the Exception List settings.
    1. If you want to apply an Exception List, on the Exception Lists page, click Add to bring up the Select Exception List dialog box and double-click the list.

      If you want to apply more than one Exception List, repeat this step to add as many lists as needed.

      NOTE: When a work calendar has multiple Exception Lists, some exception dates may conflict with each other. Exceptions defined in top section override exceptions in the bottom section. You can re-order items using Move Up and Move Down buttons.

      Click Next. The Custom Exceptions page opens.

    2. If you want to add custom holidays and exceptions, on the Custom Exceptions page, click Add and follow the instructions on adding exceptions listed in Defining Holidays and Non-Standard Working Hours .

      NOTE: If you have exceptions specified both on the Exception Lists page and on the Custom Exceptions page, some dates may conflict with each other. Custom exceptions override exceptions defined in Exception Lists..

      Click Next. The General page opens..

  5. Enter a name and description for the calendar. If you want this calendar to be implicitly associated with all services and all technicians in your organization, select the Set as Default check box.

    INFO: For details, see Default Work Calendar.

  6. Click Finish to close the wizard.