Managing workflow parameters

Configuration parameters allow easier workflow customization, eliminating the need for customizing individual Workflow Actions, Triggers, and Functions when you want to change the business logic of your workflow processes. Each parameter controls a certain behavior or aspect of the process. To fine-tune the process, just change the corresponding configuration parameter, and all workflow items and components will be immediately updated. For details, see Customizing your workflow configuration

The default workflow parameters and processes were created by our Professional Services team. You, as an advanced Alloy Navigator administrator, can modify those default parameters or even create your own ones.

Alloy Navigator offers you advanced administrative options in the Workflow and Business Logic > Advanced > Configuration Parameters section of Settings App. This section displays all the workflow parameters, broken down by the workflow process where they are used. Expand a process to see all the parameters it contains.

TIP: You can expand all workflow processes by choosing Expand All from the pop-up menu. To collapse the expanded processes, choose Collapse All.

These advanced options for configuration parameters are available: