Creating configuration parameters

You can create workflow configuration parameters for your workflow processes, and then use them as placeholders when building workflow items, components, and E-mail Notification templates.

Once created, your parameter will appear in the Select Placeholder dialog box as the %[WFP ParameterName]% placeholder. It will also appear in the Workflow Configuration section for quick customization.

Before creating a parameter, make sure that the workflow process already exist.

To create a workflow configuration parameter:

  1. Go to the Workflow and Business Logic > Advanced > Configuration Parameters section and click New.

  2. TIP: To base a new parameter on an existing one, select the source parameter and click Copy Item.

  3. Use the Workflow Parameter window to set the parameter properties, as the name, label, type, and others. Choose the workflow process that this parameter will control. Optionally, assign a default value to the parameter.

    For details, see Workflow Parameter window.

  4. Click OK.