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Select Domain window

In this window, you can select a Domain Discovery Method by taking the following steps.

  1. In the Discovery Method list, select one of the following methods that defines how to discover computers within the Windows domains:

    • To show the list of domains specified in your Active Directory, select Active Directory. Alloy Discovery will enumerate computers registered in the Active Directory. As long as the information in the Active Directory is accurate, Alloy Discovery will also discover computers that are switched off or disconnected at the time of the device discovery.

    • To show the list of domains and workgroups currently available on your network, select Network Browser. Alloy Discovery will query the physical network and discover computers that respond to network requests. The prerequisites for the Network Browser option are the following:

      1. The WS-Discovery (Web Services Dynamic Discovery) protocol must be enabled on computers you want to discover and also on the computer hosting your Inventory Server.
      2. Make sure that the Inventory Server is running under a Windows domain user account. For details, see Setting the Startup account. Alternatively, for those of you who still use the SMBv1 protocol (deprecated by Microsoft in 2014), you can enable the SMBv1 network protocol on the Inventory Server computer.
    • To use both methods, select Both Active Directory and Network Browser. This is a combination of the other two methods. Alloy Discovery will enumerate all computers registered in the Active Directory (including the computers that are switched off or unavailable on the network), and then also perform a network scan to discover other computers that are not currently registered in the Active Directory.

  1. Double-click the domain or workgroup of your choice in the list.