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Database Access Key Distribution

A registered copy of the Database Access Key must exist on each computer that requires access to the Alloy Discovery database. This means that you must distribute the key to these computers:

  • the server computers where the Inventory Server is installed;
  • technicians' workstations having the Desktop App and Settings installed.

There are two ways of Database Access Key distribution: as a .reg file or as an encoded string of characters. Use any of these ways to distribute the key to the server computer and technician's workstations. For detailed instructions on how to import the Database Access Key, see Importing the Database Access Key.

ABOUTĀ UPGRADE:: Registered Database Access Keys remain valid after the upgrade. The only exception is upgrading from version 8.0 or earlier, where Alloy Discovery has not used the key yet. In this case, you will need to import the key to the target server computers. Workstations will receive the key automatically the first time technicians access the database.