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Managing the Database Access Key

Updated in 2021.2

The Database Access Key is a unique key generated automatically when you or another Alloy Discovery administrator creates the database. For details, see Database Access Key page.

For the new database, the administrator must distribute this key to each technician's computer that requires access to the Alloy Discovery database. For details, see Database Access Key Distribution.

You can always use the Database Management tool to manage the key. There are two scenarios when the initial Database Access Key must be changed:

  • After the Alloy Discovery database has been renamed or moved to another SQL server instance.
  • After the database administrator has decided to use a different SQL Server account for the Database Account, or has changed the password used for key’s Database Account on the SQL Server.

IMPORTANT: As soon as a new Database Access Key is generated, the old one becomes outdated and may not work. We strongly recommend that you reconfigure all your Inventory Server instances to use the new key and distribute the new key to all technicians as soon as possible. For details, see Database Access Key Distribution.

To manage the Database Access Key, run the Database Management wizard, choose Manage Database Access on the Task, and follow the on-screen instructions.

IMPORTANT: Managing the Database Access may require membership in the "securitysadmin" fixed server role on the SQL server. These credentials will only be used for creating a new Database Account and will not be stored.