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Using the Advanced Filter

When you apply the advanced filter to a selected view, Alloy Discovery refers to the database and retrieves data according to the specified filter criteria.

You can create and apply the advanced filters as follows:

NOTE: You can configure the advanced filters for your local views. For shared views, only your Alloy Discovery administrator can create and modify the advanced criteria for filtering data. You can change the advanced filter on the shared view, but you cannot save your changes and update the shared view. To save your changes, create your local copy of the shared view. For details, see Working with views.

Once you applied the filter, Alloy Discoveryupdates view title with the (Filter Applied) ending displayed both above the grid and in the status bar (for details, see Menus and Toolbars). To use the configured filter criteria more than once, you can save the view with the applied filter (for details, see Working with views).

NOTE: If you have limited the number of records to retrieve (for details, see Limiting the number of records to retrieve), it is recommended that you use the Advanced Filter condition.