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Advanced preferences

With advanced preferences, you can adjust the advanced behavior of your Desktop App to suit your needs. For example, you can limit the number of records to retrieve in a grid and configure the startup behavior for the Desktop App so that you can log in to application automatically with the last entered credentials. You can also configure the performance of the selection dialogs.

Options window - Advanced tab

You use the Advanced tab of the Options window to customize the advanced behavior of the Desktop App. To access the Options window, select Tools > Options from the main menu.

Performance section - specifies how to display database records in a grid:

Limit number of records retrieved from the database to - sets the maximum number of records to retrieve.For details, see Limiting the number of records to retrieve.

Login Dialog section - specifies how to log in to the Desktop App:

Always show login dialog - enables the display of the login screen. For details, see Showing and hiding the Login dialog.

Quick Start Wizard section - controls automatic launch of Quick Start Wizard:

Show Quick Start Wizard on next start - enables automatic launch of Quick Start Wizard on each system start. Fordetails, see Controlling the automatic launch of Quick Start Wizard.

Service section - allows you to recalculate Collections on demand:

Recalculate Collection - recalculates Collections on demand. Fordetails, see Recalculating Collections.

Advanced Filter Options section - specifies whether to convert the Quick filter to the Advanced Filter automatically:

Convert Quick Filter to Advanced Filter automatically when saving View - enables the automatic conversion of the Quick filter to the Advanced filter. For details, see Converting the Quick filter to the Advanced filter.

Applying advanced preferences

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