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Resizing rows

For easier viewing data in a grid, you may want to change the height of its rows.

You can change the height of grid rows in either of the following ways:

  • By applying auto-height. This resizes rows in the grid so that up to ten lines of wrapped text are displayed.

  • Manually, by dragging row borders to the desired height.

To apply auto-height:

  • Select Row Auto Height check box on the Options tab of the Customize View window. For details see Customize View window.

To manually resize grid rows:

If each record is shown in a single row, point your mouse at the leftmost column at the border between two rows, and drag it across.

  • If each record is shown in two or more rows, point the mouse at the header border and drag the line up or down.

Note: To avoid difficulties with manual resizing, disable the Row Auto Height option first.