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Change History window

The Change History windowdisplays the list of hardware, software or system Change Events on a computer or Chromebook detected during audit results processing. Depending on the inventory scope you chose to be opened, the list contains the events of one particular Computer/ Chromebook, Site, Collection, or all Computers and Chromebooks in the database. Change History window can also contain the data for a particular statistics number in a scope, reflected in the Change History Statistics. For example, the list can display only the number of new software products detected on computers in a Site.

You can open the window when viewing change history statistics, for details, see Change History Statistics.

NOTE: On the newly audited computers, all the hardware/software/configuration object detections are reported as Change Events and appear in the Change History window, when set by the Alloy Discovery administrator (for details, see Change History Settings). Pruning of the obsolete history data is defined by the administrator (for details, see Repository Options).

By default, each entry in the list contains the following information about the record:

  • Node - the computer name where the Change Event was detected.

  • Audit Date - the date and time when the Change Event was detected.

  • Category - the category of the Change Event.

  • Type - the type of the changed object.

  • Component - the object that was changed.

  • Attribute - the attribute of the component.

  • Change - the event occurred with the object (e.g. detected, updated, removed).

  • Old - the old value of the attribute.

  • New - the new value of the attribute.

NOTE: Detected Change Events can refer to the object changes (Display Adapter is added/removed from the computer) or the attribute changes (vertical frequency has changed from 60 Hz to 75 Hz). Attribute, Old, New fields are applicable for the attribute changes only.

To view the details of a Change History window record:

  • Double-click a record (or select a record and click the Open icon). The Change Event window opens.

You can also customize view in the Change History window as needed (for details, see Customize View window).