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Alloy Discovery includes the following modules and components:

  • Alloy Discovery Desktop App is the primary user interface for Alloy Discovery. The application provides you with all the tools you need to configure, deploy, and run the audit. It also provides analysis support for audit results.

  • Settings App is the administrative tool that allows you to perform different Alloy Discovery's administrative tasks such as creating user accounts, managing software products, configuring alert messages, customizing field labels, resolving conflicts, accessing log files, etc.

  • Database Management for Alloy Discovery is an administrative tool that allows you to create a new database, migrate inventory data from a previous version of Alloy Discovery or Alloy Navigator, upgrade an Alloy Discovery 2023.x database to the latest version, and activate your Alloy Discovery database by applying the license.

  • Inventory Server is a Windows service for running all automated tasks in Alloy Discovery, scheduled or initiated at your request. Alloy Discovery supports several Inventory Server instances for a single Alloy Discovery database.

  • Inventory Analyzer is the Alloy Discovery audit agent, the primary tool for auditing computers. It collects hardware and software inventory and produces audit snapshots. There are three platform-dependant versions of the Inventory Analyzer: Windows Inventory Analyzer, Linux Inventory Analyzer, and Mac Inventory Analyzer. Alloy Discovery employs its audit agents in two modes: built-in and standalone.

  • Audit Snapshot Viewer is a tool included in Alloy Discovery for viewing audit snapshots. Alloy Discoveryuses the Audit Snapshot Viewer to display the content of audit snapshots in the Desktop App. The Audit Snapshot Viewer can also be used as a standalone tool for viewing audit snapshots from the command line.