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Registry Key window

You use the Registry Key window to view the definition of the registry key field, where Alloy Discovery stores captured registry key value.

NOTE: Registry key fields are configured by an Alloy Discovery administrator. For details, see Configuring registry key fields.

  • Custom Label - the name for the registry key field.

  • Root Key and Key Name - the registry key.

  • Launch Regedit - opens the Windows registry during registry key field configuration.

  • Value Name - the name of the value entry for the registry key.

  • Default Registry Value - when selected, specifies that Alloy Discovery queries the default value for the registry key (displayed as (Default) in the Registry Editor).

NOTE: By default, registry key fields are not included in the grid views for Computers. To show the column in a particular view you should modify the view configuration and add registry key fields as needed.