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General spell checking options

With general spell checking options, you can configure checking spelling of your Desktop App. For example, you can configure the behavior of your Desktop App so that the application corrects misspelled words automatically. You can also add dictionaries to check the spelling of a word or a text written in a different languages.

Options window - Spell Checking tab

You use the Spell Checking tab of the Options window to customize checking spelling of the Desktop App. To access the Options window, select Tools > Options from the main menu.

Use spell checker - disables or enables checking spelling. For details, see Enabling or disabling spell checking.

Options section - contains the following check boxes (for details, see Enabling or disabling real-time spell checking and automatic correction):

Check spelling as you type - enables checking the spelling when you are typing text in various text fields.

Use AutoCorrect - enables automatic text corrections. More options for the auto-correction are available in the AutoCorrect Options window.

Dictionaries section - lists the available dictionaries for spell checking in various languages. You can customize this list by adding dictionaries. For details, see Viewing installed dictionaries.

Setting general spell checking options

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