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Installing spell checker dictionaries

By default, Alloy Discovery checks spelling in American English by using the predefined dictionary. If you want Alloy Discovery to check spelling in other languages, you should add custom spell checker dictionaries for these languages. Once a custom spell checker dictionary is added, it becomes listed in the Dictionaries section on the Spell Checking tab of the Options window (Tools > Options) and is used for checking spelling in the text fields in both the Alloy Discovery Desktop App and Settings App.

Alloy Discoverysupports spell checker dictionaries in the 2.x format. Each such dictionary consists of two files that have the same name and differ in file extensions: a .dic file, containing a list of words, and an .aff file, containing grammar rules. For example: ge_Ge.dic and ge_Ge.aff.

Starting from version 3.x, OpenOffice provides spell checking dictionaries as Extensions. You can download Extensions for required languages from the Extensions - page: Then you need to extract .dic and .aff files from the Extension (an .oxt file is used as a .zip archive).

To add a custom spell checker dictionary:

  1. Copy the pair of dictionary files (.dic a nd .aff) to the Settings subfolder of your Alloy Discovery installation folder; typically, C:\Program Files\Alloy Software\Alloy Discovery 2023\Settings.

  2. Select either of the following:

    • If you want to immediately check spelling using this dictionary files in the Desktop App, deactivate and then activate again spell checking as follows:

      1. Click Tools > Options and click the Spell Checking tab.

      2. If the Use Spell Checker check box is selected, clear it and click Apply.

      3. Select the Use Spell Checker check box and click Apply. Make sure the new dictionary appears listed under Dictionaries.

      4. Click OK to close the window.

    • Make sure the Use Spell Checker check box is selected on the Spell Checking tab of the Options window (Tools > Options) in the Desktop App and restart the Alloy Discovery module where you want to start checking spelling in the desired language.