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Managing recognition rules

The Desktop App allows you to configure recognition rules that define how software products are identified. The Inventory Server uses these rules to identify the software products installed on your audited computers, and uploads this information to the database.

A rule can use information from the following sources:

  • Installation information - the Windows system registry, a Linux package management system, or the Mac OS System Profiler tool.

  • Files - such as .exe, .dll, .ocx files.

  • Custom information - the custom information from the registry, such as Custom Registry Key.

Each software product can have several software recognition rules. A product is considered to be installed on the audited computer if at least one rule for this product reports a positive match.

Software recognition rules are created in either or both of the following ways:

  • You manually create software recognition rules.

  • The Inventory Server automatically creates software recognition rules when uploading audit data to the database. You can edit the auto-created rules.

On the Recognition Rules tab of an open software product record, you can perform the following actions:

The changes you make to the software recognition rules take effect starting with the next Inventory Server session.