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Managing Server Log

Under the Logs > Server Log section, you can see the log information about events of the Inventory Server tasks. Also you can open log records and remove Server Log entries.

By default, each entry in the list contains the following information about the log record:

  • Log Date - the date and time when the event was logged.

  • Task ID - the number of the task.

  • Task Summary - the short summary of the task.

  • Details - the detailed information about the event.

The section allows you to perform the following operations:

NOTE: Under the Logs > Settings section, you can configure Alloy Discovery to remove old log files and records automatically (for details, see Configuring log settings).

  • ClosedTo refresh the view:

    • The view automatically refreshes every ten seconds. If needed, you can refresh it manually by clicking Refresh (or pressing F5 on the keyboard).

  • ClosedTo delete the log record(s):

    • Select the record in the list and click the Delete Selected Item(s) button.