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Managing Inventory Log

Under the Logs > Inventory Log section, you can view log files about audit /discovery and other inventory-related actions.

By default, each entry in the list contains the following information about the log file for an Inventory Server session:

  • Server Name - the specific Inventory Server instance generated the log file.

  • Creation Date the date and time the log file was created. –

  • Added the number of created computers during a session.–

  • Update the number of updated records in a session.–

  • Errors the number of occurred errors in a session.–

  • Conflicts the number of detected conflicts during a session.–

The overall statistics of all the Inventory Log files are shown in the footer.

To view the log file for an Inventory Server session:

  • Double-click a log entry on the list (or select an entry and click View Log). The log file opens.

To delete information about Inventory Server sessions:

  • Select one or several entries and click Delete.

NOTE: Under the Logs > Settings section, you can configure Alloy Discovery to remove old log files and records automatically (for details, see Configuring log settings).

To refresh the view:

  • The view automatically refreshes every ten seconds. If needed, you can refresh it manually by clicking Refresh (or pressing F5 on the keyboard).