Installation Guide

Production installation checklist

Updated in 2023.2

The following checklist provides an overview of the installation process. Each step includes a reference where you can find detailed information for that step. It is recommended that you review the entire checklist before beginning the advanced installation and then use it as a guideline for performing the installation and initial configuration.

INFO: For instructions on upgrading your current installation to the latest version, see Minor Upgrade Within Version or Upgrade to the latest version.

  1. Optional: If you do not have a SQL backend for hosing a production database, install Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express on your server computer. See Installing Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express.

  2. Install the Alloy Discovery server components on your server (or on several servers). See Installing the Alloy Discovery server components.

  3. Create and activate the Alloy Discovery database. See Creating the Alloy Discovery Database.

  4. Configure and start the Inventory Server instance (or instances). See Configuring the Inventory Server.

  5. Install the Alloy Discovery client components on technicians’ workstations. See Installing Alloy Discovery client components.