Administration Guide

Integrating Alloy Discovery with Alloy Navigator

Available for Alloy Navigator Enterprise only

Alloy Discovery is tightly integrated with Alloy Navigator, our comprehensive IT Service Desk and Asset Management solution. Alloy Discovery feeds audit snapshots to Alloy Navigator, where hardware and software information becomes the basis for the full-fledged Configuration Management and Software Asset Management system.

A typical usage scenario for tracking software licensing compliance is as follows:

  1. Perform hardware and software inventory:
    1. In Alloy Discovery, set up the audit to track your deployed software. For details, see Configuring Sites and Setting Up the Audit.

    2. In Alloy Discovery, use the Software Catalog to classify software products and maintain the list of software manufacturers. For details, see Managing the Software Catalog.

    Result: You have an accurate record of software products used throughout your organization, you know what software products are being used and where they are installed.

  2. Synchronize Alloy Discovery with Alloy Navigator:

    Result: The Alloy Navigator database is being updated automatically and regularly with the latest inventory data.

  3. Achieve and maintain compliance by organizing tracked software and software licenses:

    Result: You can track software licensing compliance in your company. For example, you can generate compliance reports or trigger e-mail notifications when licensing compliance rules are violated.