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Get unparalleled visibility into your network with AlloyScan—the ultimate scanning and auditing solution! AlloyScan automatically discovers networked hardware, including devices that may be connected to your network only occasionally. In addition to identifying each device and its user, AlloyScan will collect, present, and help you analyze a wealth of device-specific hardware and software information.

Creating a complete, searchable, and continuously updated inventory of all your IT assets is only a small portion of what AlloyScan is capable of. Its ultimate goal is continuous tracking of the discovered devices checking them for compliance and monitoring for any configuration changes. This is where AlloyScan’s analytical capabilities come into play. It will help quickly group IT assets by multiple asset criteria, run ready-to-use reports, and stay on top of important situations.

What data AlloyScan collects

AlloyScan is designed for comprehensive data collection and analysis within your network, providing detailed monitoring and management. It covers a broad range of data points, from computer CPU and memory specifics to network configurations, system security settings, peripherals, software details, user accounts, and SNMP device information.

For a complete understanding of what data is collected, please refer to Collected data overview.

How to get started with AlloyScan

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