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Collected data overview


AlloyScan gathers and analyzes a wide range of data across the network to ensure comprehensive oversight and management. This page provides a brief outline of the types of information we collect.



  • CPU: Detailed CPU specifications, including name, speed, manufacturer, core units, processor type, socket, model, family, ID, stepping, data width, logical units, and cache.

  • Memory: Data on total physical and virtual memory, details of each memory slot including capacity, speed, manufacturer, form factor, type, part number, type detail, serial number, and slot location.


  • Network configuration: In-depth details of network routes, metrics, gateways, interface indices, destinations, domain information, user-specific settings like default browsers and mail clients.

  • Network drives: A list of connected network drives.

  • Network adapters: Specifics of network adapters, including their parameters.

System and security configuration

Comprehensive hardware specifications, BIOS configurations, motherboard info, platform role, boot settings, operating system locale, and a detailed overview of system security health and settings.


Information on BitLocker volume statuses, device driver details, disc drive specifications, printer configurations, and video system specifications.


Details on service configurations, operating system specifics, installed programs, and Windows update status.

User accounts

Basic identification details, domain affiliation, logon times, and other personal and organizational attributes.

SNMP devices

For SNMP-enabled devices, we collect information including the manufacturer, device type and name, uptime, model, networking attributes (DNS name, MAC address, IP address), location, and software version.

This comprehensive data collection enables our network inventory system to deliver in-depth insights and facilitate robust network management, covering every computer and SNMP device in the network.