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Auditing specific assets


This article describes how to audit assets in AlloyScan.

Following a network scan, you can decide for which discovered devices you would like to retrieve in-depth information about installed hardware and software, system data, security information, etc. The process of collecting such data is called audit.

The devices that were successfully audited are automatically added to the inventory.

To audit an asset:

  1. In the Network section, open a segment.

  2. In the Scan results section, select a number of assets in the leftmost column. The Audit button above the grid becomes enabled.

  3. Make sure that the assets are ready for the audit. To verify this, see the icon in the Ready for Audit column. A green check box means that you can safely proceed. A red stop sign denotes a problem. To troubleshoot it, click next to the red stop sign, view the problem description, and resolve it before proceeding.

  4. Click the Audit button.

Once the audit task finishes, you can navigate to the Inventory section and find your assets there. You can also use the Inventory tab in the Scan Results section to see which assets have already been added to the inventory. To see only non-audited devices, use the New nodes tab.