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Logo Image

On-prem only

Updated in 2021.1

By default, the Web App and the Self Service Portal show the Alloy Software logo in their header. The Logo Image page is where you can replace that default logo image with your custom one.

The supported formats are SVG, PNG, JPG (JPEG), BMP. Keep in mind that the image area for logos is fixed at 50 pixels in height; a larger image will be scaled down with the aspect ratio kept.

To add your custom logo image to the Web App or Self Service Portal:

  1. Select the Custom image option.

  2. Click Load, select the image file to load and click Open.

    Your custom logo image appears in the preview section below. If needed, click Show in Browser to show the image in your default browser.

    TIP: You can always revert to the default logo by clicking Default image.

  3. Click Next.