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Creating Tickets and Change Requests

Service Desk tickets and requests in Alloy Navigator Express can be created in many different ways. This page provides an overview of how to create (or "submit") tickets using different methods.

  • You can create tickets and requests in the Web App using the usual methods for creating objects (for details, see Adding records).

  • You can create tickets for walk-up situations using the Alloy Navigator mobile app.

  • You can submit tickets and requests in the Desktop App (being deprecated) .

  • You can configure Alloy Navigator Express to automatically create "recurrent" tickets and requests according to a schedule.

  • The workflow engine can automatically create tickets when certain events occur.

  • If your organization uses the Self Service Portal (SSP), SSP customers can submit Tickets via the Self Service Portal, using the web application or through the Alloy Self-Service mobile app.

  • Your Alloy Navigator Express administrator can configure the Mail Connector tool to automatically convert incoming email messages into tickets.