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History window

In the History window, you can view the details of an action performed on an Alloy Navigator Express object. To open this window, on the History tab of an object window, double-click the history record.

The History window contains the following and fields:

Change Date - displays the time when the change was saved to the database.

Changed by - displays the name of the user who introduced the change (as it's shown in the Display Name field of the person record). If the change was triggered by an Alloy Navigator Express service, this column displays the service name.

Action - the kind of action performed.

Attribute - depending on the kind of change, displays the following:

  • When a field's value was changed, the field name.

  • When a workflow action was executed, the action name.

  • When an Activity Log record was added, the activity number.

Old Value - the value before changing.

New Value - the value after changing.