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History tab

This tab shows a read-only summary of all changes introduced in the Tickets, Change Requests, Computers and Inventory Items.

The History grid has the following columns:

Change Date - displays the time when the change was saved to the database.

Changed by - displays the name of the user who introduced the change (as it's shown in the Full Name field of the person record).

Action - shows the kind of change introduced.

Attribute - shows the field whose value was changed or the name of the workflow action performed.

Old Value - shows the value before changing.

New Value - shows the value after changing.

To view the details of a history item, you can open it by double-clicking. The history item will be shown in the History window.

The information in the History grid is refreshed automatically.

NOTE: Changes of auto-calculated values such as the Time Spent and Cumulative Time Spent are not stored in the history log.