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Chromebooks grid

The Chromebooks grid shows inventory data about audited Chromebooks of the selected Site or Collection.

To open the Chromebooks grid:

  • From under the Sites section in the Sidebar, navigate to the desired Site and click Chromebooks.

  • From under the Collections > Chromebooks section in the Sidebar, select the desired collection (for example, the default collection All Chromebooks).

Chromebooks' audit data is organized in the following tabs: Chromebooks and Change History.

Chromebooks tab

Chromebooks tab lists Chromebooks in a current site or collection and provides basic information about them.

To view the details about a particular Chromebook and edit its user defined fields (if your Network Inventory administrator has configured any), double-click the Chromebook record in the grid. For details, see Viewing Chromebook Details.

Change History tab

The Change History tab of the Chromebooks grid displays Change History statistics for Chromebooks in the particular Site or Collection. These statistics summarize Change Events detected on the Chromebooks in the site or collection within the specified period of time. For details, see Change History Statistics.