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Automation Server instance was not found


When you work in Alloy Navigator Express, this warning message may appear.

Some Alloy Navigator Express features will be unavailable because an Automation Server instance was not found.


Typically, this warning message appears when the Automation Server is stopped. It can also be issued due to installation problems. For example, the server instance was not created during the upgrade from an earlier major version of the product.


If your Automation Server was stopped, run the Alloy Automation Server Manager and restart the server by clicking the Restart button. For details, see Configuring the Automation Server.

If the warning persists, contact your Alloy Navigator Express administrator, describe the situation when the message appears.

More information for administrators

If the Automation Server instance was not found due to installation problems, you must manually recreate the server instance. For details, see Installation Guide: Install Server Components of Alloy Navigator Express.