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Approval Request window

In this window, you can configure the approval details applied for a particular Request. To access an Approval Request window, either select Go > Approval Requests from the main menu or Service Desk > Approval Requests in the Sidebar and double-click the record you want to open, or open the record from the Approvals tab of the Object details window.

The Approval Request window contains the following tabs:

General tab

This tab displays basic information about the Approval Request.

ID - the auto-generated number of the Item.

Applies to - the object to which this Approval Request applies.

Approver - the Person who is in charge for the approval process of the stage.

Type - the type of the Approval Request.

Status - the status of the Approval Request.

Due Date - the date and time when the decision is due. Typically, this field is filled out automatically.

Decision Date - the date and time when the decision was actually taken.

Notes tab

On the Notes tab, you can store any notes related to the Approval Request.

Attachments tab

On the Attachments tab, you can manage attachments (files and links) added to the Approval Request. For instructions, see Attachments tab.