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Updating detail reports to the latest version

If you customized any pre-packaged detail reports in your previous version, all customizations are preserved during the upgrade. However, the latest version may include some updates to pre-packed reports, including those that you customized.

If any updated copies of your customized reports exist, Alloy Navigator Express automatically installs them during the upgrade and adds (Updated in 2024.x.x) to their names.

After the upgrade, you should review each pair of your customized report and its updated copy:

  • [ReportName] - the report customized in the previous version

  • [ReportName] (Updated in 2024.x.x) - its updated copy from the latest version

If the updated report suits you better and you want to use it instead of the existing one, you can replace your customized report with its updated copy.

To replace your customized report with its updated copy:

  1. Open the details window for any object of the target class (for example, if you want to update a detail report for Tickets, open any Ticket).

  2. On the Module menu, choose Print > Manage Reports. The Manage Reports windows appears.

  3. Right-click the report and choose Update from the pop-up menu. Once you confirm the update, Alloy Navigator Express saves the [ReportName] (Updated in 2024.x.x) report as [ReportName] and replaces your customized layout with the updated one.

NOTE: When you update the report, you replace its current layout. You may want to export your current report to a file for backup purposes before the update. For details, see Saving detail report layouts to external report files.