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The Networks table lets you store and manage information about any networks. Network records are available for selection in the Network field in a Computer record or Inventory Item record.

To access the Networks grid, select Tools > Reference Tables > Networks from the main menu, or navigate to Administrative > Networks in the Sidebar.

To view the details of a Network, double-click its record. The Network window opens.

Network window

The Network window contains the following fields:

  • Name - the Network name.

  • Description - lets you store text description of the Network.

  • Network IP Range section - This lets you set an IP address range for the Network. It’s recommended that the Network's range is defined before any audit data is uploaded from Network Inventory. This ensures that Computers and Inventory Items will be auto-associated with the appropriate Network, if their IP falls into a specific Network's range.

You can add Networks by clicking New in the Networks grid or in the open Network window.