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Working with the dashboard

Updated in 8.3

By default, when you start Alloy Navigator Express, you see the dashboard. You can also access it by selecting Go > Dashboard from the main menu or by navigating to My Work > Dashboard in the Sidebar.

Refreshing the dashboard

To make sure that the dashboard shows you the actual data from the database, you may need to refresh it.

To refresh the dashboard:

  • To refresh a specific widget, click the Refresh Data button in the upper right corner of the widget.
  • To refresh the whole dashboard, do any of the following:
    • Press F5 on the keyboard.
    • Select View > Refresh from the main menu.
    • Click the Refresh Data button on the Standard Toolbar or the Module menu.

Customizing the dashboard

Default properties of widgets and your dashboard are configured by your Alloy Navigator Express administrator. However, you can locally customize your dashboard by selecting particular widgets to be displayed, choosing a dashboard layout, and more.

To personalize the dashboard, click the Customize button on the Module menu. For details, see Customizing the dashboard.