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Customizing toolbar commands

You can add and remove commands to and from the other toolbars, and you can reset the defaults if they have changed.

To customize a toolbar’s commands:

  1. Right-click on any toolbar and choose Customize from the pop-up menu.

  2. Click the Commands tab to show all of the possible commands for the Standard Toolbar and GoTo Toolbar.

  3. Click the category on the left to show the associated commands on the right.

    • To add a command to a toolbar, drag the command from the list onto the toolbar. For example, you can drag the Go To option (under the Search category) onto the Standard Toolbar.

    • To remove a command from a toolbar, drag the command from the toolbar to the appropriate list of commands.

NOTE: You can always reset the default toolbar settings.

    • To reset the default settings for a toolbar, in the Customize window, click the Toolbars tab, select the toolbar, and click Reset.

  1. Click Close.