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Stock Movement window

The Stock Movement window contains the inventory movement details of the Consumable:

Transaction section - displays the general transaction details of the Consumable.

Direction - the direction of the Consumable movement.

Reason - the reason of the Consumable movement.

Date - the date and time of the transaction .

Consumable - the ID and name of the moved Consumable. You can open the Consumable record details by clicking the field label.

Product - the Product associated with the Consumable.

Quantity - the number of items moved.

Stock Manager - displays the name of the stock manager who initiated the movement (as it's shown in the Full Name field of the Person record). You can open the corresponding Person record by clicking the field label. is chosen, the field label becomes hyperlinked. To view organization, person, or location details, click the link.

From section - displays the stock details of the Consumable before the transaction was held.

Purchase Order - the purchase order associated with the Consumable transaction.

Source Person - the Person associated with the Consumable before moving.

Source Balance - the source number of Consumables.

To section - displays the stock details of the Consumable after the transaction was held.

Target Asset - the Asset associated with the Consumable.

Target Person - the recipient of the Consumable.

Target Balance - the target number of Consumables.